Powerful Communication = Success

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CommunicationA powerful communication can be the missing point for your success.

Communication in any size team is important to the group, according to the employment resource website Mind Tools. Several different kinds of communication techniques are used in business every day, and each has a different result when used in a team environment. In order to communicate effectively in a team, it is important to know what techniques to use and when to use them.

Verbal Communication

With verbal communication, team members can project emotion and intent through vocal inflections and proper use of words. According to career resource website Work911, using techniques such as open-ended questioning (i.e., asking questions that require more than a yes or no answer) can allow all parties of a conversation to give their opinions on a subject. This technique can make verbal communication among team members more effective.


Email communication is a way to convey an instant message to team members, but an email should give only basic information and call for a verbal followup for more detailed data. According to Mind Tools, a poorly worded email can cause confusion. Email works best when team members use good spelling and proper grammar, and make the message clear. Email is a good way for teams to circulate meeting minutes, arrange meetings and share data, but using email for group conversation is often less effective than discussing things in person.

Body Language

According to the Small Business Management website, several aspects of body language can be effective in a group setting. How close a team is seated together can indicate whether or not the members feels cohesive. Slumping posture by some people in the group can indicate disinterest in the topic being discussed. Physically touching team members can convey a feeling of intimacy and confidence. By watching body language when interacting, team members can determine how well they are working together and if some people within the group are not comfortable with the environment.

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