Blame it to the brain

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Have you ever stopped to think why when you smell something like your favorite food when you were a child, your thoughts go right back to that time and place? This is not a conscious thought! This is your brain: it is  your sub-conscious and it’s very powerful.


Growing even more we begin learning some more and our thinking becomes more deliberate. We remember where our room is and who our good friends are, we also start to learn what makes us feel good or what relieves our pain.
We are more likely to remember emotionally charged memories than other everyday memories. But all memories are stored and last a lifetime because they are actually solid bits of protein imprinted on our brain as microscopic memory bumps called dendritic spines. So that old saying about something being etched on your brain, now with advances in neuro-science has been proven to be true.

Brain Communication
Brain Communication

There are 100 billion nerve cells in the central nervous system, each neuron has anywhere from 1-10,000 dentrites; each dendrite can support up to 50 spines; the total capacity is mind blowing, estimated to be 10/12 (10 trillion spines). It takes 1,000 or more spines working together to form a single memory and each memory has a number of connections to other memories. These memories are all linked together; the more the memory is used the more links are formed and the more permanent it becomes. It is at this point where we must implement our increased knowledge of our unconscious thinking and make it conscious so we can deal with it in a more positive manner. With this new line of thinking we create the pathways to remove the destructive thinking that has plagued our lives to this point.

Filtering out what works and what does not work is going to be an ongoing process since we have so many stored memories and there are no guarantees that without a conscious awareness the mind will make the best choice; more times than not unfiltered thinking will choose what is most comfortable because this is the one that has been reinforced the most and therefore the easiest. Not necessarily the best.

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