Breaking points – Signs of Stress

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What are common signs that you may be experiencing stress? And how do you know when your stress level is becoming harmfulbreaking point? Hint: You may be able to “see” these stress signs better in your co-workers than in yourself. ƒ Bodily sensations and physical effects Rapid heart rate, palpitations, muscle tension, headaches, tremors, gastrointestinal distress, nausea, inability to relax when off work, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, nightmares or flashbacks Strong negative feelings Fear or terror of impending deadlines or perceived danger, anger, frustration, argumentativeness, irritability, deep sadness, difficulty maintaining emotional balance. Difficulty thinking clearly Disorientation or confusion, difficulty problem-solving and making decisions, difficulty remembering instructions, inability to see situations clearly, distortion and misinterpretation of comments and events Problematic or risky behaviors Unnecessary risk-taking, refusal to follow direction, endangerment of team members (the lone ranger making decisions with out consulting your team), increased use or misuse of prescription drugs or alcohol Social conflicts Irritability, anger and hostility, blaming, reduced ability to support teammates, conflicts with peers or family, withdrawal, isolation

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