The power of acceptance

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In my many years working as a behavioral health coach, this word ACCEPTANCE conjures up so many different things for different people.  To some, it seems it is an excuse just to let everything happen and to take no responsibility for their lives as they just merrily go through life accepting everything; to others, they take exception to it and rail against it that they don’t have to accept anything, that their sheer willpower will get them through alone.  Unfortunately, as always, balance and moderation seems to be in short supply.But what I want to impress to my clients, is this simple statement:

If you can’t change it, accept it.  If you can’t accept it, change it.

When you truly embrace this concept, freedom and peace of mind in everything that you do is your destiny

imageSo let’s break this simple but life-changing concept down. There is only one thing that you cannot change, and that one thing is your past or, for that matter, anything that has happened in your past.  So many people spend countless hours thinking of what they should have done or could have done.  But let me remind you: Time is the most precious commodity on earth.  Yet we waste countless hours of our lives reliving our past.  Accept it and move on.  It is time to move on.  Tell yourself the only good thing to do with it is to learn from it, because if you overlook your past experiences, you will miss a valuable free education.  Once you have made peace with your past, it is time to move on with your new life.  imageSo naturally you are going to implement new ways of thinking if you expect to get different results.  Newton’s first law of motion states that a body, “you”, will remain at rest or move at a constant velocity, “your life”, unless a resultant force acts upon it, “you”.  The resultant force is you taking actions that may be in direct conflict with what you perceive to be normal.  This is the jumping-off point for your new life.May I remind you of a topic we covered previously in this blog (  It is the brain’s function to keep you comfortable.  So when it gets into a situation whereby you are taking a different action, this causes the brain to seek out solutions to make it comfortable.   Those old solutions may not have been the best decisions, but they were probably the safest, comfortable, and most familiar.This is the whole essence of mind peace mastery: eliminating old destructive thinking that has become so habitual we don’t even realize we are doing it, and help you with the tools and methods to create a new and fortified pattern.We must bring our thoughts into the conscious mind.  In doing so, we are aware of what action we are about to take.  This is the beginning of the process that empowers you to change what you can no longer accept.  This is not going to happen overnight, as I’m sure you can well imagine.  It has taken you a lifetime to get your thought process to this point.  So we have to accept that it is reasonable to assume that it may take some time to get to the state of mind we are looking for.  This is where we start to create a plan.  If we cannot accept it, we are going to change it.How?Creating SMART goals.image

Creating SMART goals is a process that may require you to seek some help.  Give me a call.  My number is (310) 694-0896.  I will be more than willing to help you come up with a comprehensive set of goals and a feasible plan to accomplish.
But right now, I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions.  Are you ready?
1.  What areas of my life do I want to change?New Life in Progress
2.  What will it take to accomplish these changes? 
3.  How long will it take to achieve this goal?
4.  How prepared am I to commit to this goal?
  Having trouble coming up with some things that you really want to change?  Well, I’m enabling a free download for you. Subscribe to my blog and I will send you “The Life Satisfaction Overview”, is definitely a tool to help you identify goals and gaps in your life that, should be traded, modified, or even removed, allowing you to create a new and bright perspective for your life.

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